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26/02/2015 00:00

International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning

The International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning have been drafted in 2013-2014 by a Group of Experts organized by UN-Habitat and moderated by Daniel Biau, Lead Consultant. They have been approved by the Governing Council of UN-Habitat on 23 April 2015. International Guidelines on...


03/02/2015 00:00

Urbanisme Vertical, un oxymoron ?

  (Article publié dans la revue PCM n° 868, Paris, janvier 2015)   Durant ces quatre dernières décennies, on a construit des centaines de tours de par le monde. Ces grands immeubles ont donné lieu à une incroyable médiatisation, à de multiples analyses et à de nombreuses...


26/11/2012 20:56

Succès et lacunes dans l’amélioration des conditions de vie des habitants des taudis durant la décennie 2000-2010 - Improving the living conditions of slum dwellers: Achievements and shortcomings in the 2000-2010 decade.

Document de fond de la conférence de Rabat.docx (108,7 kB)   Background document of the Rabat Conference.docx (62,5 kB)


21/07/2012 18:09

Are Asian Cities shaped by Global Forces?

Book review published by Economic and Political Weekly, Mumbai, 21 July 2012 EPW DB's article.jsp.pdf (214,3 kB)


29/02/2012 18:24

Territorial Planning and Basic Services in Africa - Aménagement du Territoire et Services Essentiels en Afrique

AMCHUD4 Background Paper 2012.pdf (388,1 kB)   AMCHUD4 Document de Travail 2012.pdf (412,7 kB)


15/03/2011 16:07

The UN and the Urban Agenda, a journey from Vancouver to Nairobi, Istanbul and Naples

  This article constitutes a chapter of the book “Which cities for the 21rst Century?", published in French in 2012 and coordinated by Françoise Lieberherr and German Solinis.   The urban agenda is probably too broad to be an international priority.  This explains why...


22/11/2010 00:00

Les enjeux de l’urbanisation en Afrique

A l'ouverture de la Conférence de Bamako je voudrais partager quelques chiffres et quelques réflexions. Je décrirai ensuite la situation actuelle avant de conclure sur les enjeux de l’urbanisation que notre réunion devrait analyser et soumettre aux Ministres Africains de l’Habitat et du...


15/11/2010 00:00

About the role of international cooperation

Speech in Mexico City as farewell to the Cities Alliance Executive Committee, 15 November 2010 . As you may know I have worked for 30 years in international cooperation on housing and urban development. I have managed the technical cooperation division of UN-Habitat since 1994, established the...


12/10/2010 00:00

The Challenges of Urban Development in Hanoi

UN-HABITAT was very proud to participate in the Hanoi Millennium Conference, celebrating 1000 years of the city’s cumulative history and development, on 12-13 October 2010. The coming together of many experts for the celebration of Hanoi Millennium was a very important initiative to look back...


10/10/2010 00:00

Singapore Housing Policy, the ultimate best practice?

Fifty years ago, the self-government of Singapore created the Housing and Development Board (HDB). When the country became fully independent in 1965 the first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, saw dilapidated housing and slums, which were widespread at the time as the most visible mark of...



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30/01/2018 21:00

Donald Trump on U.S. Infrastructure

“America is a nation of builders. We built the Empire State Building in just one year – is it not a...


18/02/2016 11:23

Déclaration du Pape/ A statement from Pope Francis

"Anyone who wants to build walls instead of bridges is not a Christian." Pope Francis, 18 February...


04/04/2015 13:00

Médias et Terrorisme

Médias et Terrorisme.docx  En mémoire des 148 étudiants assassinés à Garissa, Kenya, le 2...


07/12/2013 15:00

Madiba, the Last Giant

Nelson Mandela passed away on 5 December 2013 in Johannesburg. His life is being celebrated all...


22/08/2011 11:53

The Fall of Tripoli

The rule of a third North African dictator is ending in Libya. After 42 years in power Muammar...


11/02/2011 11:03

The fall of the Pharaoh

After only 18 days of demonstration Hosni Mubarak steps down. He ruled Egypt for 30 years. Who's...


25/01/2011 12:16

A call from President Obama

In his State of the Union speech Barack Obama deplores the state of U.S. infrastructure and calls...


14/01/2011 00:00


For the first time in the Arab world a dictator flies due to social unrest. Is it a revolution?


10/11/2010 12:57

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