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01/11/2008 00:00

China-India urbanization (in Chinese)

China-India Urbanization.pdf    Article published in the Chinese Architectural Journal, Beijing, 2008


03/11/2007 00:00

Italie: une histoire urbaine en trois temps

L’histoire de l’Italie, berceau de l’urbanisation européenne, commence avec les Etrusques, entre Florence et Rome. Ils fondent les premières cités 600 ans avant notre ère selon un urbanisme méticuleux, avec des maisons bâties autour d’une cour, et des nécropoles. Ils s’organisent déjà en...


19/08/2007 00:00

Chinese Cities, Indian Cities: a telling contrast

China and India are the two demographic giants of the planet. They count together close to 2.5 billion inhabitants, representing more than 37 % of the world population (estimated at 6.6 billion people in 2007). They are about to become economic giants and are seriously shaking traditional power...


05/05/2007 00:00

Chine, 3000 ans d'urbanisation en spirale

L’histoire de la Chine illustrerait selon certains spécialistes une loi fondamentale de la dialectique, celle de l’unité des contraires. L’histoire de l’urbanisation chinoise alterne effectivement des phases de centralisation et d’autonomie, de structuration pyramidale et de laisser-faire...


01/05/2007 00:00

China, 3000 years of urbanization

There is an amazing correlation between the urbanization process and the historical evolution of the central-regional-local relationships in China.    The history of China, an immense country, is often described as a succession of order and chaos, of multiple kingdoms in permanent war...


01/05/2007 00:00

China Urban History (in Chinese)

China - 3000 years of Urbanization.pdf  Urban Planning Forum, Tongji University, 2007


03/03/2007 00:00

Heated Debates on Water and Sanitation

According to the recent Human Development Report[1] the world faces a water crisis rooted in inequality and flawed water management policies.  More than 1 billion people are denied the right to clean water and 2.6 billion lack access to adequate sanitation.   Every year, according to the...


01/03/2007 00:00

Three things we should know about slums

Slums are economically useful, a reflection of the urban social divide, and a bedrock of human resilience. They are not a market failure, but a market success…               Why Slums? According to UN-HABITAT slums represent one third of...


01/12/2005 00:00

Two decades of Urban Management Programme

The UMP was initiated in 1986 at Istanbul, 10 years after the first Habitat conference, and a decade before Habitat II. Its launch marked an important step in the evolution of international thinking on urban development. In 1976, at Vancouver, the world discovered slums and squatter settlements,...


01/06/2005 00:00

Spatial inequalities – the need for affirmative action

The concept of affirmative action was born in the 1960’s of the civil rights movement in the USA. Affirmative action policies have been implemented in many countries – particularly India, the United States and South Africa – to redress historical racial and sexual discrimination. In the United...



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30/01/2018 21:00

Donald Trump on U.S. Infrastructure

“America is a nation of builders. We built the Empire State Building in just one year – is it not a...


18/02/2016 11:23

Déclaration du Pape/ A statement from Pope Francis

"Anyone who wants to build walls instead of bridges is not a Christian." Pope Francis, 18 February...


04/04/2015 13:00

Médias et Terrorisme

Médias et Terrorisme.docx  En mémoire des 148 étudiants assassinés à Garissa, Kenya, le 2...


07/12/2013 15:00

Madiba, the Last Giant

Nelson Mandela passed away on 5 December 2013 in Johannesburg. His life is being celebrated all...


22/08/2011 11:53

The Fall of Tripoli

The rule of a third North African dictator is ending in Libya. After 42 years in power Muammar...


11/02/2011 11:03

The fall of the Pharaoh

After only 18 days of demonstration Hosni Mubarak steps down. He ruled Egypt for 30 years. Who's...


25/01/2011 12:16

A call from President Obama

In his State of the Union speech Barack Obama deplores the state of U.S. infrastructure and calls...


14/01/2011 00:00


For the first time in the Arab world a dictator flies due to social unrest. Is it a revolution?


10/11/2010 12:57

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